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SPARTECH - Distributor of EPSON robots

From 2020, the experience of working with customers has determined us to expand in the field of industrial robot distribution. The meeting with EPSON robots meant for our company the discovery of the optimal solution for many industrial applications. EPSON is the global leader in the production of SCARA robots (acronym for "Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm" and more recently, for 4-axis robots). With over 300 models, EPSON has the right robot for your application. Based on the specific conditions of each customer, we offer services for choosing and sizing industrial robots.
Our team offers you:
- Warranty, post-warranty and preventive maintenance services.
- Robot programming training.
- Programming and debugging robot programs.

Discover our industrial robotics solutions and services through our sales department.

SPARTECH - Distributor of cutting tools for metal

Since 2003, our objectives have remained the same: to offer our customers the best metalworking solutions and to ensure a pleasant collaboration with our team.
From the passion of well done work and having a long and reliable partnership with our well-known suppliers WALTER, SECO, VERGNANO, KINTEK, ASIMETO, we shape the metal, by offering the most advanced cutting tools and associated equipment.


And last but not least, "We really make things work."

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Cutting tools distribution

Through its distribution network, Spartech gives you the tools and equipment you need without any logistical effort and without any travelling for you.

We offer free shipping, on the conditions displayed on the site. 

Uniqueness and accuracy

We provide your project with uniqueness and accuracy through our departments of design and development of programs for computer numerically controlled lathes and milling machines (CNC). 


We shape metal

We shape metal, with the most modern cutting tools.

Our suppliers are leading manufacturers able to honor any order, in the shortest time.