EPSON robots

We aim to advise and support our customers, both before and after the sale.

Our prevention service involves:

- explanation of EPSON products distributed by SPARTECH:
- we come up with pragmatic solutions for your applications and propose the most suitable automation integrator for your project.
- technical support in robot programming for both end customers and integrators.
- testing applications at our headquarters with our robots in stock.

Our after-sales service involves:

- training for the delivered equipment.
- optimization of programs on EPSON robots.
- preventive maintenance.
- repairs in our SPARTECH headquarters or at the client's headquarters.

NACHI robots



With the development of our first high-performance industrial robots in the 1960s, NACHI has proven its innovative high skills in automation. Since then, NACHI has continuously expanded its range of industrial robots.

Today, NACHI offers customized automation solutions with robots for all areas of application. Whether it is the loading / unloading of machine tools and injection molding machines or spot welding in the automotive and steel construction industry, the lifting, packing and palletizing of all types of components, as well as the positioning and assembly of small components in the production of electronic.