Cutting tools distribution

Although metalworking may seem like a normal and routine operation, every project of our clients is different. Spartech provides the most up-to-date cutting tools and associated equipment, capable of giving your project uniqueness, safety and precision.

Our suppliers are renowned manufacturers and distributors, able to cope in time with any request, in any quantity.

Spartech provides you with the cutting tools you need without any logistical effort and without any movement on your part.


Products sold:


turning, grooving and threading knives
tools for drilling HSS carbide metals
drills with removable plates
taps and calibers
mandrels and supports for holding cutting tools
carbide cutters with removable plates
snail milling module
tools for processing cast iron and ceramic plates
magnetic clamping and lifting systems
measuring and control instruments
Call now at the Spartech warehouse or contact one of our consultants to benefit from a personalized offer and the most competitive prices on the market.

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